It certainly reads online like the world went to MWFF. And bravo for them for making it to the decade age of a con.

I had no plans for MWFF, but had a great time here in the valley. Due to a fluke of governmental plane booking, astor_apatosaur ended up here for the weekend and we did a run-about-the-town to do touristy things.

Considering that San Francisco proper is about as close to me as Baltimore is to Washiton, DC, I don’t often drive a lot of end up in the upper city that much. As it was, this was only the second time I was in the tour-guide hot seat and gladly had some help from Toob for directions and ideas. After breakfast and meeting up, the merry band of touristas was myself, Sue, Toob, Jakebe, Teaselbone and Astor.

We ended up going over the Golden Gate bridge, buying a rivet from the bridge in the gift shop, parking down by the Giradelli chocolate factory, walking down to Fisherman’s warf, playing some things at the Zilensky coin-op museum, getting Astor and Teaselbone both surprised by the World Famous Bush Man of SF, checking out Dr Seuss originals in the art galleries, buying waaaay too much chocolate for christmas gifts, and then having an absolutely fantastic dinner in north beach at Michelangelo’s Caffe.

For some reason I was worried the visit would come off flat. That day surprised the heck out of me. Sunday was a relaxing day in comparison. Teaselbone popped back by, food was had, many pixels were killed, and an awesome movie was squeezed in for up to the last few minutes.

My rumps dragging a bit going into thanksgiving now, but that was fun. 🙂

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  1. wingywoof says:

    Sounds like you had a bitchin’ time.

  2. mongologue says:

    Sounds like a nice weekend indeed!

    I worked. 🙂

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