Charitable Work

I’ve worked for a few charities in the past and now find my mornings taken up this week and last doing online charitable work.

Fund raising for a cause is an odd combination of emotions and social skills. You want to passively implore someone to help without making them feel guilty. You want to make them feel good for helping without being patronizing. You want to graciously accept for those who cannot give and yet more graciously support those who do.

It is a difficult task to do. You want to be gracious, polite, and well spoken while also somehow working past the shield that people rightly form to protect their hard-earned money from the countless charities, good, band and worse, that try to get them to open their wallet.

In the past I’ve considered starting a non-profit related to music and music education. I shelved it because I don’t think I have the time to give it its proper support. This little taste is confirming that thought.

Anyway, here’s hoping this endeavor works out. We’re just a smidge shy of 40% of our goal.

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