Generation gap anyone?

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  1. zorinlynx says:

    It’s always been like this; older people set in their ways; hard to change their minds.

    I hope I don’t get that way. I hope I stay open minded even if I live to be 90. Please.

  2. I hate to say this…

    it’s only in the past decade that I’ve been able to strip all of the drama and rhetoric away from this issue and distill it down its essence. EVERYONE deserves this civil right.

    Thanks for posting this.


  3. tracerj says:

    What I like, though is that even in Alabama – forsaken memetic hazard zone that it is – ten percent of people over 65 said, “Well, yeah, this makes sense.” Ten percent! That’s not a zero. It’s not even an ignorable number. No wonder bigots are scared, if they can’t even manage a full blackout there….

  4. Seeing things like this reminds me of this video from after Iowa allowed gay marriage.

    This is truly how I feel. In all honesty, we’ve won. End of the century nationally, 50 years most of the country, in a handful of states now. It’s taking time, but eventually, it’s pretty much inevitable.

    This isn’t in any way to take away from the courage and meaning and effort being put out by gay rights groups and advocacy groups or just gay people brave enough to let those around them know that their gay. It’s these things that have let us get as far as we have, and that bring acceptance and equality closer and closer.

  5. kujaboi2 says:

    How about that kid up there? Totally awesome kid!

  6. hyperx says:

    The numbers in Mass crack me up, cause it is what SCARES the heck out of the super conservatives. Once you get gay marriage in for about 2 or 3 years and RAPTURE doesn’t occur. The next inevitable step is peoples minds going… HUH ok I guess it IS no big deal. For more proof on this look at Canada…. then look at SPAIN! The people in Spain did not WANT gay marriage. The government made it happen… now a few years later, even the Church can’t give a crap their ;P

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