The day, she is scattered and scatterbrained.

– Started a side project this weekend to help a friend out in need. Have been quietly trying to pass the word around into places I think it should go. So far it seems to be starting ok.

– Swapped the ancient workstation at work with a Fit PC Slim. It’s a PC about the size of a pack of cards and currently seems to be perfect for remote controlling for VMware tools and outlook. The locak PC guy noted that the dust bunnies in my previous box probably out weigh my new one.

– Last week I found an olympic bench press bench and bar for sale cheap. I had already picked up a french curl bar, and some plates from salvation army. To my astonishment and so far for less than the cost of a month or two of gym membership, I’ve built a considerable gym at home. Up next: handbell rack, more handbells, more plates, and a preacher rack.

– This week is a week off from music, and then the great Christmas season is upon us. Maybe I’ll arrange a few clarinet choir or quartets for it.

– I’ve got a few business and other ideas I’m pulling together. Not sure where they will all go, but it seems right to be working on them

More later.

4 Responses to “Whee.”

  1. unclekage says:

    I got yer handbells!

  2. Phil says:

    Hey! The bass ones are HEAVY

  3. Shake yer BRASS, baby!

  4. On a different note–that FitPC is incredible. When you just need a desktop, you can squeeze that in anywhere. The bigger problem is finding a separate spot for the power brick, as it’s not integrated.

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