Testing a new post.

As is hopefully tagged at the bottom of this post, I’m trying out using a word-press cross poster to Live Journal.

It’s for a few reasons. The simplest is digital-sanboxing: learning and playing with WordPress. This is something I’ve wanted to get some more time on, and no time like the present.

So I dabbled. I put together a WordPress instance, played a little, and it was downright trivial to link it to LJ. And the nice thing is it does editing and deleting of the LJ’ed post as you do it on WordPress. Nicely done.

And I was surprised it touched on another area: You see, I was a little bothered by the sale of Live Journal off to another provider a while back. Skipping the usual xenophobic stuff people have stated, it did bring home that a surprising amount of journal content I had written was in a system that could be sold out from under me and be lost.

I originally dabbled in LJ as a test, but it became a semi-regular thing. And even as I now use it less, (like many it seems) I still have “history” here I would like to keep.

Lo and behold, WordPress can import a Live Journal accounts entire posting history with comments. What a useful little plugin.

There was a comical moment when I had cross posting turned on while importing: old posts were hoovered up, and cross posted back in the same time on my journal, etc. But after a surprisingly easy cleanup via WordPress’ interface, I’ve got the whole thing loaded up and running nice.

Its a nice feeling to know you have a nice archived and searchable copy of your LJ history. I’ve got some categorizing and tagging to do, but this is good.

I don’t like that things are decentralizing as much as they do, you lose that sense of community. But maybe with the right RSS feeds, uniform sign-ons, and a little cross posting, it’ll work out ok.

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  1. I use LJArchive to backup my LiveJournal. It lets me search through old entries and replies, too.

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