Busy week

This week I have three concerts, two dress rehearsals, and a standard rehearsal. Monday I have a final recording session. And then it is all done for the summer.

For folks who might want to attend them:

* The Ohlone Community Band is doing a very traditional pops-style concert on Wednesday night. Flyer here.

*The Livermore Adamore Symphony is doing a concert called “Strings, Tuba and Mahler” with Maestro Tony Clements performing a tuba concerto, and I’m played a part in Mahler’s 1st Symphony on Saturday. Information here.

* The Ohlone Wind Orchestra is doing an amazing array of classic band music and featuring a guest artist solo on clarinet on . Flyer here

All three concerts are going to be good in their own ways:

The OCB is playing easier fare that is along the lines of a pops concert. (John Williams, a few marches, etc)

In addition to the soloist, the OWO is tacking a few classic band works (Suite of Old American Dances, Variations on America, American Salute, Satiric Dances) as well as a killer transcription of a Shostakovich symphony that I am STILL trying to get all the notes on. (Double sharps on sixteenth-note triplets? Really?!) We are absolutely smoking through some of these tunes and I hope the recording is as good as some of the rehearsals have been. This could very well be one of the best concerts I’ve ever played in.

The symphony is going to be fun as well. I’ve never played the Mahler before and having a part that calls for four instruments is new for me. That and I’ll get to hear Tony solo.

This should be great fun. But boy will I be tired come a week from today.

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