Kicking ass with art.

The vacation out to Yosemite was abso-frikking-loot-ly awesome. For many, many reasons that will soon become a post of it’s own. Especially since it involves a sooooooper seeeeekrit project Sue and I have been working on. Anyway…

Part of the reason I have been a bit quiet here is well, I’ve been on the road for work. I’m not SUPPOSED to be on the road for work this time of year. I have my music groups and I made not-missing-music a condition of my employment with this company.

But exceptions can and do arise. I tortured my schedule to make sure I was missing the minimal ones I could. I hate taking morning flights, (ugh..5am wakeup times) but it worked out and I’ve made every rehearsal for the A group and only missed two for the B group.

The “A” group, the Ohlone Wind Orchestra, has their first concert of the season this Sunday. Playing through the dress rehearsal, I didn’t realize just how beefy of a concert we had prepared. This is the kind of concert you have at the end of a season, when everyone is on their game, and we’re tearing it up on the opening of the year. This group is scary, scary good.

We’ve got some introspective heavies:

– “October” by Eric Whitacre – A slow moving piece inspired by grandeur of fall.
– “Hammersmith” by Holst – A musical sketch about the dirt-poor and super-rich living intermixed in the same town he grew up in, in victorian england.

But the real ass kickers are the two upbeat heavies:

– “12 Seconds to the Moon” by Robert W Smith – Probably one of his most difficult and showy works. 16 minutes of some of blindingly fast notes. Inspired by the space race, comissioned by the Air Force Band.
– “Cartoon” – Written as a cartoon score. It pulls a lot from Gershwin style voicing, so sections sound a lot like Tom and Jerry where Jerry goes to Manhattan. Lots of other transitions are very
Warner Brothers crazy.

I am so looking forward to this concert. We’re short handed in my section and the parts are damned hard, but I’m not even remotely concerned about that. I am just looking forward to the joy of performing. And that is what is awesome.

Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 5pm, Smith Center, details over at if you want to go there.

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