Monday Morning JAPH

I’m sharpening up the old coding skills by writing a JAPH as I do other work.

It’s surprising how much you learn about exact syntax doing this. I think I’m going to start writing one weekly. It’s been 5 years since I did my last ones.

This one passes strict and utilizes source text from outside the actual code. Sweeeet.

use strict;
@_=map{split' '}grep/^(Complete|this|Internet)/,`perl -v`;$a=@_[-3];@_=split'',
join'',@_;print map {/,/?' ':/m/?'k':/\"/?"\n":/\$\$/?$a:/\//?'J':$_}map{/\d/?
@_[$_]:$_}qw/154 11 -42 6 46 79 14 1 62 48 70 98 28 $$ 46 63 -4 31 2 -2 26 77/;

It’s so fun to be engaged and enjoying the code. Tech really is a fun puzzle problem. Sometimes I forget that.

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  1. Hmph! I didn’t need anything else on my plate, and now I’ve got to crack out my Perl and make one of these…

    *waggles fist angrily* Damn you-u-u-u!

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