MomSoftware just like mom made

The following pieces of software are created and/or maintained by Phillip Pollard. Unless specifically stated otherwise they are licensed under the GNU public license or the Artistic License 2.0.


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  • twitter-delete

    Delete everything out of a twitter account. Uses browser automation (Selenium & Python) -- no need for twitter API.

  • montage

    Remember those posters you might have seen? Where a character or scene from a movie was made out of a montage of hundreds of images of said movie? Yeah. Those montages are neat.

  • solitaire

    A monte carlo solitaire simulator to test the effectiveness of different techniques at playing solitaire.

Perl Modules

General info:

Here there be dragons!
Below this point, the code is getting a bit old. Be warned!

Other Items:


    NV (21 Feb 2010)

    A simple IRC bot in perl. It was designed to join multiple channels on a server, log all public actions to seperate channel logs, and to handle a few direct commands.

  • Horus

    v0.9b (Dec 7, 2009)

    Horus is a server change management and asset control system. Originally written to gain control of an unmanaged and chaotic data center, it performs passive checks for changes on servers and tracks them over time. Think of it as a reverse puppet: it watches and tracks changes, as opposed to steamrolling systems to look alike.

  • phpBB Bot Sniffer
    v1.15 (23 May 2006)

    Currently, many phpBB installs are being attacked by link bots and post bots. There are several measures you can take to slow or prevent their access. This script is designed to use semantic tests to detect bots, link spammers and inactive accounts and delete them.

  • phpBB User Ignore Mod
    v1.2.1 (26 Sep 2004)

    A phpBB user mod that allows the ignoring of other users posts.

  • CVS Utilities
    alpha (2002)

    A collection of CVS utilties for display and analysis of software development projects.

  • Dir Index

    A reduced version of the thumbnails idea created to be used in cron jobs for web directories of images.

  • Thumbnails
    v1.0.0 (2002)

    A handy command-line tool for indexing directories of images.